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When she arrived at her clitoris, which had become rock-hard in the meantime, I heard a soft moan. With ever faster, circling movements she brought herself more and more into ecstasy.

She made it look like this was the last day before the end of the world. After she had come a few times, she put the chair back in the corner and seemed to want to freshen up in the bathroom, which from my point of view was just behind the door on the right side. She walked up to the room door and opened it. So now it had happened. She caught me tightening. I knelt with my hard Willi’ and a bright red head before her and stared at her with horror. I didn’t get a single word from my lips. It would have been superfluous to say anything at that moment. Contrary to my expectations what would happen now, Diana took me wordlessly by the hand and led me to her bed, which was covered with red silk.

Faster than I could react, I was already lying on the same one. Without a second’s hesitation Diana began to spoil my Willi’ with her sweet mouth. I’ve been through it. She almost sucks me out. I wonder where she learned that. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t stop myself anymore. I shot her in the mouth with the whole load. Without twitching her eyelashes, she swallowed everything. Without a break she sat down now on me and led my magic wand turned to granite in her wet, warm and still virgin pussy. With initially gentle, rhythmic movements, she became familiar with the new feeling of feeling a hammer inside her. It seemed to me she couldn’t get enough. She became faster and faster with her movements and moaned louder and louder until we both had a mega horny exit.

Completely relaxed and happy Diana lay down next to me and snuggled up to me. “It’s funny,” she said. “Why didn’t you tell me you were horny for me? How many times do you think I stood at your door and did it to myself? I would have loved to have had a threesome with you and your girlfriend. Imagine that: While Sonja spoils you with her mouth, I lick her on her tight, horny pussy and you drive me with your tongue through my wet, warm gap! “Maybe we can catch up on that,” I replied. “How about tomorrow night?”