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For fun we wanted to camp with him in the garden, because it was so warm and he also had a small pool in the garden. I hadn’t thought about sleeping with him that night, because I would have wished to do extensive petting with him beforehand. But I was prepared anyway, as I had been using contraception for quite some time, but I’d better start from the beginning:

It was totally warm last week and we were on vacation. I rode my bicycle to him and went through the garden gate into the garden where he had already pitched the tent. He came up to me, we changed our ways and kissed. It was quite late, about six o’clock. I left my bag in the tent and we decided to go into the house to get something to eat. Then we went back to the garden. It was still totally humid. So I took off my dress (I wore a bikini underneath) and jumped into the pool. Lars only had to take off his shirt and was then only in swimming trunks and jumped after me. We were fooling around a little. Later he pressed me against the wall of the pool and kissed me passionately. I pulled him close to me, pressed him to me and stroked his back while he stroked my breasts. We kept smooching until I noticed his penis got stiff. Lars blushed. He always found it a little embarrassing, but I loved it because I realized he was so excited about me.

Lars asked me if we wanted to go into the tent because he was afraid to be watched by his parents. I wasn’t out to be stalked by his parents while we were making out, either, so I agreed.
The tent was in the shade of a tree, but it was still very hot and we decided to leave the “door” of the tent open. Lars lay down on me in the tent and we kissed on. I was totally excited how he lay on top of me, that I felt his penis and I only wanted one thing: sex!

I told him I wanted to sleep with him. He looked at me in disbelief. I nodded and we kissed again. Suddenly we were totally excited as we had never had sex before but we wanted to and so we quickly took off each other’s wet swimsuits and threw them into a corner. I knelt next to my friend and wanted to satisfy him with my hand, but just as I was putting my hand around his penis, it happened: he had an orgasm! Suddenly Lars groaned and his sperm flowed over my hands. Lars cursed and was visibly embarrassed. I tried to calm him down. After all, it can happen that you come too early. It took me 5 minutes to make it clear to him that I didn’t think it was a bad thing at all… somehow I thought it was totally sweet that he was so embarrassed…

“Okay, honey. Give me half an hour,” he said. I nodded. He took me in his arms and we cuddled together. Then he started stroking me. First my thighs, then my labia and finally my clitoris. Then he licked me a little. Finally he said, “Now I can do it again.”

I took his again stiff penis in the hand and began to rub slowly. But already after a few seconds he took my hand and put it aside. He said we should get started before he gets back. So I lay down and spread my legs, he moistened my vaginal entrance again with some spit, before he lay down on me and slowly inserted his penis. For a fraction of a second it hurt, but then it was just a great feeling. We both moved quite slowly and Lars was still satisfying me with his hand. After about 2 minutes he came, unfortunately. He pulled out his penis and just carried on with his fingers until I also had an orgasm:thumbsup: Simply marvellous!

We cuddled up a little bit. Later, at about 10 o’clock we decided to go into the house and sleep there, because in the tent it was too warm.

When we woke up the next morning in his bed together we kissed again deeply and slept together again. This time, he even lasted an estimated 5 minutes.

The more we have sex, the better it works and I am really glad that I gave him my virginity.