Hard anal fuck without condom with a lot of sperm in the intestine


I pulled him in and we kissed passionately and greedily. He grabs me by the neck and my hands and presses me into the mattress. We provoke each other and make each other incredibly horny without touching us. After a few minutes of hot rumknutschen he opens my pants and takes off my shirt and massages my breasts until he takes off my bra and kisses my breasts and caresses. Then he reaches into my pants and caresses my vagina and my clitoris first gently and then a little faster. He’s always terribly horny when I moan. He takes off my pants and my panties, then kisses me down, caresses my legs, kisses my loins and spoils me with your tongue and his gentle kisses in my genital area until I have come. Then he came up and kissed me again and penetrated me with his penis vaginal.
I have to admit that I have to get used to it in the beginning, also vaginal, because I am very narrow and he is quite broad. But it didn’t take long and then it could really start! Full program until he comes inside me. (I take the pill very reliably!! Never do anything if you are not contraceptive with a pill or spiral or something like that, ask your doctor! It’s more embarrassing to get there pregnant than because of the pill!!!) I don’t come during sex myself… We like it after our nevertheless somewhat more strenuous act to lie knotted into one and to allow ourselves a short break. After a while he grabs my ass and pushes me down from himself so that I lie on my stomach. He’s lying next to me stroking my butt off my back. He plays on my rosette and asked me if I had done something like this before and I answered with no… I also had mixed feelings because I wasn’t prepared for it at all. He noticed, but he told me to relax. He took some oil and massaged my rosette and my ass with it until he then penetrated with a finger and carefully moved him back and forth and in circles. Then there was another one and I added a finger. I had enjoyed it but fear he would find me funny or that he disgusts himself but on the contrary… It made him totally horny and then I felt his hard penis on my legs. He oiled me again exactly the same as him and read carefully his point penetrate. It hurt slightly at first and I had breathed a little louder and he stroked my back to relax and calm me until I got used to it. So it went on bit by bit, the pain was good to endure and he was also considerate. After about 3-4 minutes of slow stretching and moving back and forth, nothing went away. I signaled that to him by pressing my ass against him and moving back and forth. He then grabbed me by the hip and started to bump a little faster and harder. It wasn’t new territory for him, so he wasn’t piqued or insecure about any sound of me. I liked it very much and we tried one or the other position. After a long 25-30 minutes cloud 7 he came in my po, which was completely new for me. It was a good feeling, though. I thought it was totally awesome. Then we cleaned up, without disgust or shame! Then we fell asleep with tender caresses… The next day everything felt normal again… I prefer vaginal sex but every now and then anal can also be anturning… Important: Shame on nothing! Trust each other! Stretch forward!! It is best to use lubricant or oil!